Our staff

Dental Receptionist
We will greet you when you arrive for your appointment. We will give you medical history/ other forms to complete to ensure we have everything they need to treat you effectively. We also:

  • co-ordinate surgery diaries to maximise appointment availability
  • answer calls and signpost where to get general advice
  • provide you with any additional support you may need to complete our paperwork
  • take any payments due

Dental Nurse
We work with all members of the team, supporting our receptionists, patients and service users. We will call you in from the waiting area, take you through to the clinic room and reassure you. Our main responsibility is to provide chairside support to the dentist. We also:

  • ensure that all relevant materials and supplies are in place and responding quickly to requests from the dentist
  • look after your records – including making notes when our dentist is examining you
  • decontaminate instruments
  • maintain dental operating equipment

Dental Therapist
Once you have seen a dentist you may be referred to us for the following treatment:

  • specialist cleaning of your teeth and gums (peridontal treatment)
  • scaling and polishing teeth
  • taking dental x-rays
  • undertaking routine restorations and fillings
  • deciduous teeth (sometimes called baby teeth) extraction
  • supporting nervous people to get used to coming to the dentist and having dental treatment, using simple steps

Dental Surgeon
Our dental surgeons work with patients who have difficulty getting treatment in a high street dental practice and who require treatment on a referral basis, which is not available in a general dental care setting. We diagnose and treat dental problems.

Specialist in Special Care Dentistry
We are on the Specialist register for Special Care Dentistry, which means we treat those patients with the most complex needs, both in clinic and in hospital.

Specialist Oral Surgeon
We are dentists that have specialised in oral surgery, gaining the necessary skills and experience in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Departments in hospitals and are all registered as specialists with the General Dental Council.

Oral Health Educator
We encourage and support our local communities to develop tooth friendly practices. We do this in partnership with our local councils who identify pre-schools and care home homes to receive training and awareness sessions.

Practice Manager
We have overall responsibility to effectively manage our service, on a day to day basis.

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