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Co-production – Get involved and help us to deliver better, people-centred services

We value the input of people within our community to help us improve our services. People who use our services and people with an interest in the services we provide, can give us a special insight into what it feels like to use them, and we want to listen. 

Why not contact us? Together we can make a difference.

What is co-production? 

Co-production means service users, carers and staff working together to develop and shape services, rather than staff making decisions alone. Co-production ensures the voices of people with lived experience are included in decision-making, from commissioning to design and delivery. People with lived experience (or service users) work with services to design, deliver and build projects or service developments. 

Click here to watch a video explaining co-production [opens in a new window]

What are the benefits of co-production?

Co-production creates better outcomes…

  • Services will be fit for purpose and tailored to the needs of the user.
  • We get to the right solutions quicker, and systems and services will work better.
  • Patients who are actively involved in their care understand more, join in more, are more invested in the service and care plan and are therefore healthier and happier.
  • People feel valued and heard; building confidence, self-esteem and experience.

How can you get involved?

  • Attend a regular Working Together meeting where you can share your ideas and help us review our what we do
  • Attend and participate in a focus group or workshop to share your ideas, time and skills for service improvements and developments
  • Co-design and co-deliver training for our team members
  • Join a recruitment panel to interview potential new staff
  • Share your story of using our service for our colleagues to learn from
  • Complete a survey [opens in new window]
  • Provide feedback on new initiatives or written materials
  • Speak at a conference or event

You do not need to have any prior knowledge or specialist expertise/experience. You will be offered payment for your time as per our trust rewards and recognition policy.

Would you like to hear about future co-production opportunities or be a part of them? Click here to complete our contact form or email


If you have any questions or want to get involved, please contact Debbie Goodland (she/her), Co-Production Lead for Dental Healthcare:

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