Safe and compassionate dental care for those most in need

DentalHealthCare is a specialised NHS dental service in the community in
Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and Suffolk. Our priority continues to be the
safety of our team and our patients. As demand on our service increases, we
continue to adapt how we work in line with national guidance. This means you
may not get an appointment today. We understand this frustration but please be
kind and respect our team; we are doing our best to help you as soon as possible.

Find Out How

How we can help

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Urgent Dental Care

The aim is to make you as comfortable as possible and to offer pain relief until you can be seen by a regular dentist

My Smile and Oral Health Improvement

We encourage and support our local communities to develop tooth friendly practices


We deliver dental care from various sites across the east of England

Special Care

We see adults and children unable to access a regular dentist (subject to eligibility) for routine dental care

Minor Oral Surgery

The service provides a range of oral surgical procedures for patients referred by their general dental practitioner

Accessing our service info

Our dedicated easy read and translation tool, which you can activate by clicking on the icon at the top of the web page in the centre, has lots of useful features.

News and Updates

Monkeypox Virus

If you have been in contact with a person who has Monkeypox OR have any of the following symptoms: Please call NHS 111 to speak to an advisor. Please do not enter one of our buildings and instead please let us know via telephone if you have an appointment so we can cancel it. Monkeypox […]


Cases of measles are increasing in England. In order to protect our staff and other patients, if you have symptoms of measles (a fever and a rash that starts from the head/neck down), and have not been vaccinated please do not attend your appointment. We would be grateful if you would make contact with our service to inform us that you will be unable to attend your appointment. Please call - 0300 555 6667 and select the most appropriate option. Please contact your GP to discuss getting the vaccination.”

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